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Meet Carl Frost

Founder of Carl's 


Carl Frost was born and raised in Williamson County, TN in 1925 and passed June 27th, 2014.  Our family owned and operated company have him to thank for creating a product that brings a taste of TN history into every home that uses it. 
Carl was raised on a farm and loved the country.  He graduated from Eagleville High School in Eagleville, TN in 1943.  He then went on to serve in the Army during World War II in both Germany and Austria.  Carl later sang in a gospel music group with his brothers, The Frost Brothers, for many years.  He operated a canoe livery on the Duck River and later went on to own a log home business. Carl was a beloved father of 10 children and truly loved his family. 

From a young age, Carl always loved to hunt and fish.  In those days, you ate what you caught.  Carl loved to fish for catfish at night with a hook, line, and cane pole.  If they didn't bite at night, he would jump in the creek, feel under the rocks, and catch them with his hands in the daytime.

Carl killed his first deer in 1974, a nice ten point buck that field dressed 225 pounds.  However, he was disappointed in the flavor of the meat.  Also, the flavor of the catfish taken from the creeks and rivers vary in taste.  When he retired from Aerostructures in 1986, he began experimenting with a blend of seasonings and spices that would improve the flavor of venison and catfish.  When he hit on the right combination, he began using it to prepare catfish at family reunions, church, and school related gatherings.

"From that time on," Carl stated, "I kind of got elected to cook".  As he continued using his blend of spices, he found that it worked great on all meats and vegetables that require seasoning.  Thus, came the name, Carl's All Purpose Seasoning.


As Carl was designing a container for his product, he used a camouflaged design that would suggest the products used by hunters and fisherman.  Instead of the green camouflage popular among hunters, he decided on the tan color which was being worn at the time by soldiers in Operation Desert Storm.

Today, Carl's All Purpose Seasoning is shipped to mail-order customers all over the United States.  It is also sold in supermarkets, grocery stores, farmers co-ops and many Wal-Marts in Tennessee and surrounding states.  Order yours today!  Once you try it you will not be without it. 

Carl at previous shop in Eagleville, TN

Carl with wife Diane in front of shop in Eagleville, TN

Carl (far right) singing with The Frost Brothers

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